The Documentary of a Lost Girl team interviews author and historian Dan Callahan this week!

We are lucky enough to be interviewing author Dan Callahan this week for the film.  Mr. Callahan has been an incredible resource to the cinematic community, having written several biographies (including Barbara Stanwyck: The Miracle Woman and Vanessa: the Life of Vanessa Redgrave), as well as having been included in such prestigious film publications as "Sight and Sound", "Film Comment", "Senses of Cinema", "Slant Magazine" and "".  
His interest in Louise Brooks started years ago, and he has developed into one of the foremost people to speak to in regards to her life and history.  Our interview with Mr. Callahan, he being an incredibly talented writer who really seems to understand the enigma of Miss Brooks, is something we are very much looking forward too.

For more information and reading on Dan Callahan, visit his website:

One of his publications on Louise for her centenary in "Bright Lights Film Journal" can be found here: