Merry Christmas from Documentary of a Lost Girl! Here are 10 Things Louise would like Under the Tree

Although, in reality, Louise never accepted gifts during her later years, here are some guesses we would hazard of what she would have liked to see under her tree:

1.  The Complete Works of Samuel Johnson. It was a book she said she wanted but could never find.

2. A bed jacket or house coat.

3.  A typewriter ribbon, of course.

4.  Gilbey's Gin

5.  A brand new, shiny copy of Lolita, which proved to be one of her favorite books. Nabakov, or "Naby," is the man.

6.  Spiral-bound thin research notebooks.  Those tend to be her most used and, God knows, she used them to the brim.

7.  Red poppy plants. Louise's favorite flowers were red poppies and they now sell little in-apartment boxes in which to plant them, which would have been perfect.

8.  Black and white paints for her minimalist, Chinese art-inspired paintings.

9.  Colored Pencils for correcting things/writing cards.

10.  John Wayne.